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Technical Service and Maintenance

Koch Heat Transfer Company has a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians available for on-site assistance during installation and maintenance of our equipment.

Operation and maintenance manuals are available with specific details for disassembly and reassembly of each product.

BROWN FINTUBE® HAIRPIN HEAT EXCHANGERS - In general, the bundle of a hairpin exchanger is removed by first removing the tubeside bolting, flanges and split rings. The next step is to remove the shellside bolting, flanges and split rings. Finally, the return bonnet bolting is removed and the bonnet is placed to the side. The tube element can now be pulled from the back end of the shell by placing a sling around the U-bends. On larger multitubes, a plate is installed around the U-bend for proper sling placement. Assembly is performed by reversing the process and utilizing new gaskets.

ALCO™, ALCO-TWIN™, SMITHCO™ Hairpin Heat Exchangers are designed for a long-term, trouble-free service life. When you need additional performance, service parts, retrofits or new units to ensure an efficient process, contact us to provide proven aftermarket support. We have the engineering information, research, and thermal-rating capability to find, source or completely engineer the right solution for your existing ALCO™, BOS-HATTEN™ or SMITHCO™ units.

Call: +1 713 466 3535 and ask for our Heat-Exchanger Aftermarket Support.

TWISTED TUBE® exchanger on-site assistance is available for TWISTED TUBE® Bundle installation and maintenance.

Spare Parts and Replacement

Replacement parts are readily available for exchangers that were supplied by Koch Heat Transfer Company, BROWN FINTUBE®, BAS-TEX, ALCO™, ALCO-TWIN™, SMITHCO™, BOS-HATTEN™, Koch Engineering LP, or Muirhead Engineering Ltd. One complete set of gaskets is recommended for one or two year’s operation.

Facility Surveys

For facilities with numerous hairpin exchangers, Koch Heat Transfer Company will perform a survey of the facility and establish design equivalents to current BROWN FINTUBE® models. We will also evaluate ways to establish common designs for multiple services to allow commonality of spare parts and elements, resulting in reduced spare parts inventories and maintenance. Please contact a Koch Heat Transfer Company sales representative for more details.

In general Koch Heat Transfer Company is available to work with customers in assessing and optimizing the heat transfer equipment installed in their facilities, for debottlenecking, revamping, fouling mitigation and energy saving.