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Koch Heat Transfer Company is a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of tubular heat exchangers. Our reputation as a highly reliable supplier is built on a long tradition of knowledge and technical skills, always striving for continuous improvement. The demonstrated quality of our products is assured by adopting the highest competence into every step of the manufacturing process.

Koch Heat Transfer Company can fabricate to all major design codes, owning facilities in North America and Europe.

Koch Heat Transfer Company fabricates equipment utilizing a wide variety of construction materials including Carbon, Low Alloy and Stainless steels, Duplex and Superduplex steels, Cu and Ni alloys, Inconel and Incoloy, and reactive metals such as Titanium, Zirconium and Tantalum.

Additionally, Koch Heat Transfer Company has the capability to build equipment on an expedited basis due to our large worldwide capacity and our customer focus.

  • Overall Working Capability
  • Welding Specialties


  • Maximum welding thickness experienced:
    • Carbon Steel & Low Alloy 250 mm
    • Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy 120 mm
    • Titanium Alloy 40 mm
  • Maximum rolling capabilities 120 mm X 3100 mm
  • Machining capability:
    • Milling machines with 4000 x 2000 mm tool coverage area
    • Lathes up to 5500 mm in diameter and 3000 mm. in height
  • Welding techniques: GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, SMAWand SAW WPS includes all materials even most alloy ferritic & austenitic ( i.e. duplex, titanium, superduplex, copper & nickel alloys)


  • Tube to Tubesheet Joints:
    • Manual and Automatic
    • Inner Bore Welding
  • Bimetallic Zr-Urea Grade Stripper Tubes
  • Weld Overlay:
    • SAW with strip up to 90 mm
    • ESW with strip up to 60 mm
    • Automatic GTAW for small bore nozzles