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Koch Heat Transfer Company maintains diverse capabilities in the area of technical expertise, all designed to assist in the development of heat transfer solutions.

  • Extensive experience with equipment and technical expertise in process heat technology with a long-standing reputation for excellence in heat transfer design, application and fluid flow.
  • State-of-the-art unique product lines, design methods, and computer programs that provide accurate predictions of performance backed by research, tests and years of in-service application.
  • Using research gathered from our R&D test facility and experience data, we provide design/rating/simulation/optimization tuned to the specific requirements of the client.
  • We provide heat transfer and pressure drop calculations for:
    • TEMA shell and tube heat exchangers
    • TWISTED TUBE® heat exchangers
    • Double-pipe heat exchangers
    • Hairpin heat exchangers
    • Tank, suction and line heaters
  • We provide Customized designs for special applications using:
    • Enhanced tubes
    • Unique geometries
    • TWISTED TUBE® heat exchangers
    • HELIXCHANGER® heat exchangers (thermal design performed by Lummus Heat Transfer)
    • Innovative augmentation designs
    • Fintubes
  • We use proprietary software with interface to:


Koch Heat Transfer Company has been a member of HTRI since 1995 and HTFS since 1997 and has participated on several committees in the past. In addition, Koch Heat Transfer Company has been recognized as an innovator in the field of heat transfer, particularly in design and application of TWISTED TUBE® technology to a wide variety of heat transfer services.