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Tube Inserts

Heat transfer enhancement in heat exchangers is gaining industrial importance. It creates the opportunity to achieve these advantages:

  • Reduce heat transfer surface area
  • Reduce heat exchanger size and numbers
  • Increase heat duty for fixed surface area
  • Reduce logarithmic mean temperature difference (LMTD)
  • Reduce pumping power

Koch Heat Transfer Company, with its BROWN FINTUBE® technology, offers a variety of swirl flow type heat transfer enhancement devices such as twisted tape, wire wrapped core tube inserts and helicors inserts, to improve heat transfer indirectly by promoting turbulence and flow mixing. These enhancement devices reduce the required heat-transfer surface area, while increasing the overall heat-transfer coefficient. They are also used for vaporising services.

All together, these benefits translate into a reduction in the size of the exchanger, the area of installation and the initial investment of tube inserts, which maximize the heat transfer rates of viscous fluids.