Enhancement Devices

The use of Koch Heat Transfer enhancement devices, such as inserts, baffles, and TWISTED TUBE® Bundle technology can increase the effectiveness of engineered equipment. 

External Bolting

The external bolting allows for tightening of bolts while in operation without having to remove any covers or the tube bundle.

Independent Terminal Closures

The independent closures on both shell side and tube side result in smaller flange designs.

Robust Aftermarket Support

Koch Heat Transfer maintains a dedicated aftermarket support staff that is available for your repair, replacement, and spare parts needs.

Single-Pass Design

The single-pass design allows for even distribution of expansion forces across the tube sheet.

Wide Range of Sizes

Hairpins are a versatile product with compact designs that are typically more effective than large Shell & Tube designs. Sizes range from 2” O.D. to 40” O.D. shell legs.

Hairpins & Double Pipes

Koch Heat Transfer Hairpins come with industry-leading designs, backed by over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. Our unique closures allow for more economical and efficient designs. Find out more how Koch Heat Transfer Hairpins can help you.

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Temperature Cross
Ideal when a temperature cross exists, or a close temperature approach is desired due to its single-pass configuration that allows for true countercurrent flow.

Small Footprint
Due to the geometry of hairpins, the equipment takes up less space relative to the Shell & Tube alternative.

High Pressure
Our unique closure technology allows for pressures exceeding 10,000 psi.

Cyclic or Shock Service
Large-radius U-bends and all terminal connections located at the same end allows for more extreme thermal expansion without the need for an expansion joint.

Extreme Terminal Temperature Differential
Independent-tube sheets and closure components eliminate differential thermal expansion across a single-tube sheet design, as is typically encountered with conventional Shell & Tube. 

Cost Effective
In many applications, performance can be achieved by a single hairpin as opposed to multiple Shell & Tube exchangers, resulting in lower capital costs, as well as future maintenance. 

Large-radius U-bends 
Easy to clean, and eliminates the need for expansion joints or packed joints.

Separate Tube Sheets
Handles high temperature differences and cycling more effectively.

Durable Baffle Cage
Baffles are welded to tie rods without “sleeves” or internal nuts.

Moveable Support Brackets 
Allow shell expansion and contraction; eliminate sliding plates; slotted on all four sides for flexible installation and future additions.

Power Generation
Gas Processing
Offshore O&G
Onshore Oil Recovery

Fuel gas heaters
Lean – rich glycol exchangers
Lean – rich amine exchangers
Lean – rich CO2
Gas coolers
Well stream heaters

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