Compact Design

The use of extended fin surfaces provides up to 12x the surface area of a bare pipe equivalent. This allows for more surface area in a smaller package. 

Fewer Field Welds

Each heater requires approximately two field welds, which is much less than conventional bare pipe. This results in reduced risk of leaking, and less time and cost for inspections. 

Lower Skin Temperature

The extended fin surface provides a lower metal skin temperature in contact with process fluid. This can reduce the heat-related fouling rate.

Thermo-siphon Effect

Tank Heating Coils

Tank heating coils have the ability to maintain or increase your tank temperature more efficiently, at a fraction of the cost.

Product Portfolio
BROWN FINTUBE® tank heating products typically use steam or hot oil. They are engineered to fit most applications either together or individually. Choose from solid or perforated designs, and various metals (C.S., S.S., nickel, etc.). If standard materials, styles, or sizes do not meet your requirements, we can customize our products.

Thermal Siphon Effect
Compared to bare pipes, BROWN FINTUBE® Tank Heaters induce stronger thermal currents in the tank. Product next to the fintube rapidly heats and rises due to its lowered specific gravity, creating a thermal siphon effect. This contributes to a higher rate of heat transfer. Sedimentation is minimized as the tank contents are agitated and particles remain in suspension. As a result, heating surfaces tend to be self-cleaning, and sludge is reduced.

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Fouling Mitigation
The convective currents created by the heaters in the tank help keep more particles suspended in the fluid, rather than settling.

Ease of Maintenance/Inspection/Cleaning
The small footprint allows for more access to tank floor for inspections.
In the case of removing the heating elements, BROWN FINTUBE® tank heaters are more easily removed and replaced.

Reduced Heating Costs
BROWN FINTUBE® finned tank heating coils can reduce the fuel cost associated with heating systems.

Combining multiple heater types can result in a more efficient heating process, ultimately saving money.

Lower Capital Cost
Extended fin surface is less expensive than equivalent bare surface.

Lighter weight and smaller size requires less support.

Easy installation and less field welding than bare coils.


Storage Terminals

Sulfur melting
Molten sulfur
Crude oil
Fuel oil
Lube oil
And much more

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