Twisted Tube™ Heat Exchanger Technology

The innovative design of our TWISTED TUBE® Heat Exchangers delivers more efficient and more reliable performance than conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. TWISTED TUBE® Heat Exchanger Technology features a revolutionary bundle construction that increases heat transfer and reduces pressure drops while increasing heat transfer surface area and eliminating damaging vibration. Additionally, dead spots are eliminated where fouling can accumulate and reduce effective heat transfer surface area. See what a difference TWISTED TUBE® Heat Exchanger Technology can make in your operations.

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Offshore O&G



Elimination of Damage-Induced Vibration

Due to the generally longitudinal flow pattern of the shell-side fluid and the multi-point support structure of the bundle, the potential for flow-induced damaging vibration is mitigated.

Increased Heat Transfer

Allowing for more surface area in a given shell size, the throughput can potentially be increased based on the application. Increasing the tube-side heat transfer coefficient can provide increased heat transfer, based on the application.

Potential Fouling Mitigation

The elimination of shell-side baffles eliminates dead spots where sediment can accumulate and cover heat transfer surface area.

The swirl flow on the tube side increases the shear velocity, ultimately decreasing the fluid boundary layer.

Reduced NOx and Emissions

TWISTED TUBE® Heat Exchanger tube bundles can enhance performance and increase the outlet temperatures of your crude oil or feed upstream of a fired heater, reducing energy consumption and NOx emissions from those fired heaters.

Reduced Pressure Drops

The longitudinal flow allows for a lower relative pressure drop when compared to segmental baffle designs.

Common Applications

  • Crude preheat
  • Feed/effluent for:
    • Reformer (CCR and semi-regeneration)
    • Hydrotreater
    • Hydrocracker
  • Alkylation
  • Overhead condensers
  • Reboilers (kettle and J-Shell)
  • Lean/rich amine
  • Compressor interstage coolers
  • Texas Towers
  • Hydrotreating/Reforming
  • KBR Rose Exchangers


Baffle-free Design

The tube geometry allows for the tubes to be self-supporting, eliminating the need for baffles.

Cleanable Triangular Pitch

The assembly geometry creates multiple cleaning lanes, which allows for the center of the bundle to be accessed.

Compact Tube Bundle

Due to the self-supporting tube geometry triangular pitch, more tubes can fit into a single shell size as compared to conventional round tubes.

E-F Conversion

The shroud design of the TWISTED TUBE® heat exchanger allows for a more efficient F bundle used inside an existing E shell. The shroud creates a two-pass configuration and eliminates a full-length leaf seal that would be prone to damage.

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